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Frei öl Skincare HYDROLIPID Lip Balm

The rich frei öl® HYDROLIPID Lip Balmintensively regenerates dry and brittle lips and gives them an immediate feel-good factor. Thanks to the combination of highly effective ingredients which are controlled according to pharmaceutical principles, sensitive and chapped lips become smooth, soft and supple again.

  • Regenerates dry lips intensively with valuable ceramides.
  • Strengthens the sensitive skin barrier of the lips with mimosa wax and shea butter.
  • Extra rich care makes the lips soft and supple with jojoba oil and vitamin E.

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3 in 1 careHYDROLIPID Lip Balm
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The talents of the frei öl® HYDROLIPID range support the natural skin functions, help to soothe dryness and relax the skin. Their precious oils provide care for dry skin.

The rich balm regenerates dry lips intensively. Even rough and chapped lips become smooth, soft and supple again.

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