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Meraki Hand Soap

This hand soap contains bamboo charcoal that deep cleanses and won't dry out your skin.

  • A soap that is both gentle and soft to your hands.
  • Made using only mild ingredients.
  • It will both nourish hand cleanse your skin.
  • Contains charcoal which draws out impurities.

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bamboo charcoal soapHand Soap
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Meraki is a unique universe filled with well-being and lifestyle products which are designed and developed in Denmark. The series has been created in a creative universe, inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic and with a preference for nature.

Meraki search for a pure result in any product which is why they make an effort to develop care products with the best from the nature. The products will indulge all of your senses and will provide your body and soul with well-being.

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