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PAYOT is an international cosmetic brand of face, body and skin care products created by Nadia Payot. She used her medical, scientific and herbal expertise to create a luxurious brand that’s not only good for your skin but will keep your skin looking youthful, healthy and naturally beautiful.
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Créme Micellaire Dermaquillante
Payot Creme Micellaire Demaquillante200ml£20.50 £14.70

My Payot Gelee Gommante Douceur 1
Payot Gelee Gommante Douceur50ml£28.00 £19.20

My Payot Les Demaquillantes Masque Dtox 2
Payot Masque D'Tox50ml£22.70 £16.02

My Payot BB Cream Blur b 1
Payot My Payot BB Cream Blur Light50ml£27.90 £19.14

Peeling Oxygenant Depolluant 1
Payot Peeling Oxygenant Depolluant40ml£30.50 £20.70

My Payot Brume Eclat 1
Payot My Payot Brume Eclat125ml£19.60 £14.16

Supreme Jeunesse Concentrate 1
Payot Supreme Jeunesse Concentre30ml£74.80 £47.28

Uni Skin Masque Magnetique 1
Payot Uni Skin Masque Magnetique50ml£39.00 £25.76

01 Supreme Jeunesse Regard
Payot Supreme Jeunesse Regard15ml£47.90 £31.14

01 Supreme Jeunesse Nuit
Payot Supreme Jeunesse Nuit50ml£83.50 £52.50

01 Supreme Jeunesse Jour
Payot Supreme Jeunesse Jour50ml£83.50 £52.50

My Payot Jour Gelee 1
Payot My Payot Jour Gelee50ml£30.50 £20.70

My Payot Sleeping Pack 1
Payot My Payot Sleeping Pack50ML£25.30 £17.58

01 Perform Sculpt Roll On
Payot Perform Sculpt Roll-On40ml£43.10 £28.26

01 Perform lift Sculpt Nuit
Payot Perform Sculpt Nuit50ml£65.30 £41.58

Perform Lift Vitality 1
Payot Perform Lift Vitality50ml£65.30 £41.58

Perform Lift Regard 1
Payot Perform Lift Regard15ml£36.60 £24.36

01 Perform Lift Patch Yeux
Payot Perform Lift Patch Yeux10 satches£39.20 £25.92

Hydra 24 Regard Glacon 1
Payot Hydra 24+ Regard Glacon15ml£25.30 £17.58

Hydra 24 Gel Creme Sorbet 1
Payot Hydra 24+ Gel-Creme Sorbet50ml£40.00 £26.40

Hydra 24 Baume En Masque 1
Payot Hydra 24+ Baume-En-Masque50ml£25.30 £17.58

My Payot Jour 1
Payot My Payot Jour50ml£30.50 £20.70

My Payot Concentrate Eclat 1
Payot My Payot Concentre Eclat30ml£36.50 £24.30

My Payot Regard 1
Payot My Payot Regard15ml£25.30 £17.58