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Payot Perform Lift products contain the rejuvenating innovation called the Acti-Lift complex, that acts on skin firmness and offers a surface toning effect.
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01 Perform Lift Intense
Payot Perform Lift Intense50ml£65.30 £41.58

01 Perform Sculpt Roll On
Payot Perform Sculpt Roll-On40ml£43.10 £28.26

01 Perform lift Sculpt Nuit
Payot Perform Sculpt Nuit50ml£65.30 £41.58

Perform Lift Vitality 1
Payot Perform Lift Vitality50ml£65.30 £41.58

Perform Lift Regard 1
Payot Perform Lift Regard15ml£36.60 £24.36

01 Perform Lift Patch Yeux
Payot Perform Lift Patch Yeux10 satches£39.20 £25.92