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A complete double cleansing system.Pestle Mortar Logos 99

Pestle & Mortar Erase & Renew - The Double Cleansing System

A complete double cleansing system that thoroughly cleanses, nourishes and illuminates the skin. Newly packaged in a neat and chic cylindrical container, the Pestle & Mortar Double Cleansing System comprises a meltingly soft balm cleanser to remove all traces of make-up and spf.

  • Increases penetration of actives in other products.
  • Unclogs pores and evens out skin texture.
  • Balance oil production.
  • Contains: 50ml Erase, 50ml Renew, 1x facial cloth.

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A complete double cleansing system.Erase & Renew - The Double Cleansing System
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An illuminating lightweight gel cleanser to treat and polish the skin, and a 100% cotton facecloth designed to ensure that every last trace of dirt and grime is gently removed. The result with consistent double cleansing is skin that is polished, nourished and illuminated.

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