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Handcrafted with love, Trulips lip balms are vegan friendly, cruelty free and made from all natural ingredients. Trulips lip balms have been made to be long lasting and super nourishing to keep your lips looking beautiful.
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Orginal Trulips 21
Trulips Handmade Original Lip Balm10ml£3.50 £2.00

Spearmint Trulips 17
Trulips Handmade Spearmint Lip Balm10ml£3.50 £2.00

Menthol Trulips 13
Trulips Handmade Menthol Lip Balm10ml£3.50 £2.00

Tinted Ruby Trulips 09
Trulips Handmade Tinted Lip Balm - Ruby10ml£5.00 £2.70

Tinted Blush Trulips 05
Trulips Handmade Tinted Lip Balm - Blush10ml£5.00 £2.70

Tinted Garnett Trulips 01
Trulips Handmade Tinted Lip Balm - Garnet10ml£5.00 £2.70